Superior Auto Protection Group (RUST PROTECTION)

PERMANENT RUST PROTECTION – This is our  “Bumper to Bumper” Best Rust Protection product available ( over 3,000 hours of protection in the salt spray test, exceeds all military specifications). It’s clean, dripless, Canadian- made, non toxic, environmentally- friendly, super lubricating material with creeping and penetrating features. This product is caramel is colour, parafin- based, with high concentration of calcium sulfonate. This acts to seal the metal. We protect the complete underside and all inner panels, doors, rocker panels, hood trunk lid and other exposed metals are coated.  REMEMBER ……

A rust protection job done CORRECTLY is just as valuable as the WARRANTY itself.

  • Protection Against Rust Perforation
  • Specialized Application
  • No holes Drilled ( New Vehicles) 

SOUND SHIELD – This thick, black permanent undercoating is applied to the complete underside of your vehicle. It protects large unprotected areas to prevent abrasion and rust, while reducing road noise levels. This special undercoat does not dry out, chip or crack and is compatible with all factory vehicle applications.

ANNUAL DRIPLESS RUSTPROOFING – This is our Premium Annual Rust and Corrosion Inhibitor. It displaces moisture and has excellent adhesion and penetration with powerful creeping agents. It’s self- healing from road sand and salt abrasion and will eliminate costly rust out repairs and will create a durable barrier that will not dry out, chip or peel and has a sweet cherry smell. Our product is made in Canada and is environmentally- friendly. It will last longer and protect better than all other products. It does so by combining non hazardous ingredients to form thick complexes that physically resist the salt, moisture and oxygen that will rust your vehicle. We then add a high- tech rust preventative blend that works synergistically to create a product that sets us apart from the competition. It applies best dry, clean underbodies. It will penetrate into seams and joints. Avoid pressure washing the underbody for at least two weeks after application.