Diamond Kote Nano Ceramic

Welcome to the future of protection. 

One Product, One Application. 10 Years Guaranteed. 

Engineered by Diamond Kote, Nano Ceramic is a clear, two stage, liquid nanoceramic coating, that chemically bonds to your vehicle’s surface, becoming a rigid, super- structure of nano glass. It forms an exceptionally strong, durable glass shield, which offers indefinite protection.

How will Nano Ceramic benefit me? 

Long- lasting protection :    Keep your vehicle looking fresh and new with long- lasting protection for its exterior. You’ll be increasing the resale value of your car – This coating has tangible benefits for its next owner.

Less Maintenance :    The coating is so resistant to chemicals, that contaminates can be removed with less aggressive, damaging washing. Your vehicles will also need fewer washings.

Your Vehicle Looks Like New :   You’ll notice improved gloss and colour depth right away, and when properly maintained, your vehicle’s finish will shine for years. No other product even compares.

How Is This Possible?

Preserve The Original Factory Paint :  NanoCeramic, once cured, has a hardness of 9H, and its normal clear coat has a hardness of between 2H and 4H. Its glass shield prevents minor scratches to your clear- coat by acting as a sacrificial layer. Any scratches to the coating can be easily removed with a light polishing without compromising the integrity of the original clear coat.

Smooth and Self- Cleaning :   Ceramic nanoparticles fill the smallest pores in your vehicle’s paint making its surface shiny, smooth and extremely slick. Now water can easily remove dirt from the surface- spray your vehicle and watch bead and roll right off along with any dirt. We call that the self- cleaning effect’.