Diamond Kote Nano Ceramic

Welcome to the future of protection. 

One Product, One Application. 10 Years Guaranteed. 

Engineered by Diamond Kote, Nano Ceramic is a clear, two stage, liquid nanoceramic coating, that chemically bonds to your vehicle’s surface, becoming a rigid, super- structure of nano glass. It forms an exceptionally strong, durable glass shield, which offers indefinite protection.

How will Nano Ceramic benefit me? 

Long- lasting protection :    Keep your vehicle looking fresh and new with long- lasting protection for its exterior. You’ll be increasing the resale value of your car – This coating has tangible benefits for its next owner.

Less Maintenance :    The coating is so resistant to chemicals, that contaminates can be removed with less aggressive, damaging washing. Your vehicles will also need fewer washings.

Your Vehicle Looks Like New :   You’ll notice improved gloss and colour depth right away, and when properly maintained, your vehicle’s finish will shine for years. No other product even compares.

How Is This Possible?

Preserve The Original Factory Paint :  NanoCeramic, once cured, has a hardness of 9H, and its normal clear coat has a hardness of between 2H and 4H. Its glass shield prevents minor scratches to your clear- coat by acting as a sacrificial layer. Any scratches to the coating can be easily removed with a light polishing without compromising the integrity of the original clear coat.

Smooth and Self- Cleaning :   Ceramic nanoparticles fill the smallest pores in your vehicle’s paint making its surface shiny, smooth and extremely slick. Now water can easily remove dirt from the surface- spray your vehicle and watch bead and roll right off along with any dirt. We call that the self- cleaning effect’.

Superior Auto Protection Group (RUST PROTECTION)

PERMANENT RUST PROTECTION – This is our  “Bumper to Bumper” Best Rust Protection product available ( over 3,000 hours of protection in the salt spray test, exceeds all military specifications). It’s clean, dripless, Canadian- made, non toxic, environmentally- friendly, super lubricating material with creeping and penetrating features. This product is caramel is colour, parafin- based, with high concentration of calcium sulfonate. This acts to seal the metal. We protect the complete underside and all inner panels, doors, rocker panels, hood trunk lid and other exposed metals are coated.  REMEMBER ……

A rust protection job done CORRECTLY is just as valuable as the WARRANTY itself.

  • Protection Against Rust Perforation
  • Specialized Application
  • No holes Drilled ( New Vehicles) 

SOUND SHIELD – This thick, black permanent undercoating is applied to the complete underside of your vehicle. It protects large unprotected areas to prevent abrasion and rust, while reducing road noise levels. This special undercoat does not dry out, chip or crack and is compatible with all factory vehicle applications.

ANNUAL DRIPLESS RUSTPROOFING – This is our Premium Annual Rust and Corrosion Inhibitor. It displaces moisture and has excellent adhesion and penetration with powerful creeping agents. It’s self- healing from road sand and salt abrasion and will eliminate costly rust out repairs and will create a durable barrier that will not dry out, chip or peel and has a sweet cherry smell. Our product is made in Canada and is environmentally- friendly. It will last longer and protect better than all other products. It does so by combining non hazardous ingredients to form thick complexes that physically resist the salt, moisture and oxygen that will rust your vehicle. We then add a high- tech rust preventative blend that works synergistically to create a product that sets us apart from the competition. It applies best dry, clean underbodies. It will penetrate into seams and joints. Avoid pressure washing the underbody for at least two weeks after application.

Window Tinting

There’s nothing worse than being blinded by the sun when you’re driving, but luckily Tint Clinic in St. Catharines, Ontario is here to ensure you’re covered – literally.

Many people tend to shy away from window tinting because they think that their car windows would be too dark. However, tinted windows can provide the driver with many benefits, allowing for the ride to be smoother and more relaxing. It’s not just about what you can see – it’s also about what you can’t see! Tint Clinic specializes in Sky Premium Ceramic Tinting for automobiles that not only reduce haze and increase clarity, but also block harmful UV rays from the sun.

UV ray filtration will not only help protect your passengers, but will help reduce fading and cracking to your vehicle’s upholstery. Nobody enjoys getting into a hot vehicle that has been baking in the summer sun, especially if you have a leather interior. When you get into a car that has been parked outside during a hot day, you know you’ll have to deal with the uncomfortable feeling of heat that can burn your skin. To help protect from this discomfort, invest in automotive window tinting. By tinting your auto glass, you can help to beat the summer heat even before you turn on the air conditioning, and you’ll have a pleasant experience when you get into your car.


Exclusive Dealer / Installer for the Niagara region:
  • St. Catharines
  • Niagara Falls
  • Welland

Premium Ceramic SKY technology film from Tint Clinic offers a Nationwide Lifetime Warranty, while also offering:

  • Heat rejection (up to 80 per cent of UV light blockage)
  • UV ray blockage
  • Super optical clarity (reduced glare)
  • No interference with radio signals
  • Multiple choices of shades available

Tint Clinic offers a range of window films to fit your needs and budget whether you drive a compact car, a pickup truck, SUV or van. They are quick and hassle-free to install.

Not only will you be protected in your ride, it helps your vehicle look great and increases privacy!

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a common non-invasive repair technique used on automotive body surfaces.

An effective method of removing minor dents from both aluminum and steel body panels, PDR repairs a wide range of damage as long as the paint surface is intact.

The most common methods use special tools to press out the dents from the underside of your car’s body panel. Glue-based or suction tools may also be used to “pull” the dents out, from the outside. Quality technicians will fine-tune “high spots” in the surface first by using a fluorescent or LED PDR reading instrument and then by micro-tapping the surface to match the texture of your paint. Improperly leveling out a surface runs the risk of causing the top clear coat to split or crack. To ensure a quality finish every time, make sure you leave this delicate work to the experts at Tint Clinic.

The experience that Tint Clinic brings to the table will enable you to feel confident that your quality Paintless Dent Repair will look great, and withstand the test of time.

Visit us today to experience the Tint Clinic difference. Our customers agree that the specialists at Tint Clinic are second to none.